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Here are some recent football questions our experts have received, along with their responses:
who is the survivor pick this week, can not use seahawks browns cowboys chargers also since I have got this wrong every week russell or lamar
Ravens are at home and even though it's a division game, the Bengals are trash right now, so Baltimore is the most likely team to come out with a win. Not only are the Bengals the 23rd defense to QBs, but they're one of the worst defending QBs who run, so this looks like a great combo week of floor and upside for Jackson. On the other side, the Seahawks should be able to run the ball effectively, and lower Wilson's attempts, so although he has big upside, he has a low floor. I'd say Jackson 60%, Wilson 40%. Good luck this weekend! Jim Coventry
5x5 roto. Redraft. Stand pat with O. Narvaez or time to move on to Alfaro? Thanks!
Time to move on... Good luck, Dave Regan
12 team keeper mixed league. have: jd mart, yelich & stanton (5 OF). weekly matchups with 20 cats (10 hit/10 pitch), if you sweep, final score is 20-0. not a snake draft, rather repeating order (i'm 5th). i get two picks in rounds 8,9,19&21. including keepers, i have 11 picks in top 103 spots. where would you focus your draft? i want to load up on hitters but also recognize the need for starting and some relief pitching (holds and QS are cats). i need to try and avoid reaching too far as i have in the past. thanks in advance!
I’d use our custom rankings and stick to those for a few picks and then fill in the gaps. Clearly though, you’re not going to want to go heavy early on OFs, but if one is too much of a value to pass, then highly consider him.
Should I pick up Bridgewater for Brees now off waivers, or should I wait for an announcement later this week?
Hi, thanks for the question. Sean Payton is talking about not resting any of his starters, but I wouldn’t believe a word of it. Grab Teddy now, the odds are strong that the almost-40 Drew Brees will sit Week 17. -ilango
Hello to you all, A big Thank you for answering my questions through out the football season!! With all of your help I won the Championships in both of my leagues!! Thanks again, Dewey
Congratulations on taking home the title in both of your leagues! Thank you for the props and for using Rotowire. Shawn (CDub)
Who are the top waiver pick ups? My team is as follows: Steph Curry Ariza Lowry Otto Porter Ibaka Tobias Harris Cauley-Stein Jamal Murray Kemba Walker Tyler Johnson Joe Ingles Robin Lopez Trevor Booker Tristan Thompson Derrick Favors 9 category league: FG%, FT%, 3PM, Points, Reb, Ast, St, Blk, TOs
This should be right up your alley.
Can't decide who to pick up!in a 4X4 yearly league. Am in first but very close.need assists , hits , goals Huberdeau or Barkov are both available . Who to take? Thx Izzy
Tough call, both guys have a of upside. Huberdeau is a more physical player and will get you more hits, but Barkov is more balanced between goals and assists. I would probably go with Barkov. A little more consistent when healthy and not as streaky. -Mark