NFL Waiver Wire: Week 14 Pickups
NFL Waiver Wire: Week 14 Pickups

This article is part of our NFL Waiver Wire series.

First, I refuse to write about the Eagles' backfield after watching Monday Night Football. It's a crowded situation and Josh Adams is the most desirable back, but there are too many mouths to feed. That said, look at the handcuffs this week – Gio Bernard, Josh Kelly, Damien Williams (mentioned here). On any given week, an injury or Kareem Hunt situation could happen. Good luck to all of those in the playoffs.

If there are questions about the players mentioned or in general, feel free to hit up the comments section.

This column is geared toward "standard" 12-team leagues and based upon a $100 free-agent budget. Please, please adjust for your league based on both the number of teams (I'm in a 24-team league, for example) and budget. 


Secondary Targets

Josh Allen, BUF - It's hard to ignore what Allen's done with his legs his last two games with 22 rushes for 234 yards and a touchdown. If you include what he's done in the passing game he has 27.9 and 33.1 fantasy points in those two games. The last four games on his schedule shape up nicely as well with the Jets, Lions and Dolphins at home and only one more away game in New England. It's apparent his rushing ability has been a focal point of the offense, and expecting about 10 rushes from him per game is reasonable. FAAB: $4-$8

Hail Mary

Mark Sanchez, WAS - Well, hopefully he understands more of the offense

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