Exploiting the Matchups: Week 5 Start/Sit
Exploiting the Matchups: Week 5 Start/Sit

This article is part of our Exploiting the Matchups series.

You can't play defense, and you can't predict injuries.

Sometimes, no matter how well you choose your lineup, no matter how clearly you project the best matchups, you still lose. The randomness kicks in and kicks your butt.

That was the prevailing theme of my Week 4, which included six losses when my team either laid an egg due largely to multiple injuries (get well soon, Leonard Fournette, Sammy Watkins and O.J. Howard) or in which I faced the highest- or second-highest-scoring team when I was second or third. In fact, I lost one matchup where I finished third in scoring (by a longshot) despite losing Fournette and Howard early and Will Fuller when he still had plenty more to offer.

These things are bound to happen. I had three undefeated teams fall because of this. And yet, my Week 4 was BY FAR the best week I've had for fantasy. Sometimes it only takes winning that one league to make your week, and that was exactly what happened to me in several others happened to my opponent in my favorite league – my Vampire league.

Last Friday I blogged about how Jared Goff positioned my Vampire to eat. Playing the top ranked team, my Count Chocula squad went off, racking up the highest single-week score of the season while my opponent fell just a tad short with the week's third-best score. The result: Count Chocula is now 2-2 and has stolen Ezekiel Elliott and Alvin Kamara

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Luke Hoover
Luke Hoover has covered fantasy football for Rotowire.com since 2011 and is most proud of recommending Victor Cruz as a starter in his breakout game against the Eagles. He's a lifelong fan of Notre Dame, the Packers and, unfortunately, the Knicks.
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