Exploiting the Matchups: Week 1 Start/Sit
Exploiting the Matchups: Week 1 Start/Sit

This article is part of our Exploiting the Matchups series.

At long freaking last, it's here. For me, the top events on the football calendar are as follows:

1. The NFL Draft
2. The Max Power Fantasy Football Draft (favorite home league, Simpsons themed, 11th Year)
3. Week 1 of the regular season, when we finally get real football after twiddling thumbs for seven months
4. Week 17 of the regular season, when I can finally have a life again and sleep after the ceaseless, unrelenting (but rewarding) five-month grind of writing, watching and writing
5. The Super Bowl

So, with No. 3 on the list about to be checked off, it's time to kick off year number five of writing Exploiting the Matchups in my eighth year with RotoWire. And after penning this generally boring Week 1 preamble a few times now, a stark realization has hit me.

Week 1 is the crapshoot of all crapshoots.

Seriously. Just like any other year, there's veterans coming back from injury with uncertainty, rookies and other young up-and-comers with little-to-no sample size, and a slew of coaching and defensive personnel changes to shuffle the deck and create total blackjack-esque unpredictability.
So, where I would normally tell you some type of strategy tip for your lineup, I'm going to instead simply suggest that you play the guys you want to root for in the matchups that seem advantageous. If calls are close, go with your gut. You can't win or lose your season in the first week, so the real strategy play is

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Luke Hoover
Luke Hoover has covered fantasy football for Rotowire.com since 2011 and is most proud of recommending Victor Cruz as a starter in his breakout game against the Eagles. He's a lifelong fan of Notre Dame, the Packers and, unfortunately, the Knicks.
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