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2017 Rebound Candidates: Quick Hits
March 1, 2017
Tim Heaney analyzes the prospects of a handful of rebounds candidates and whether fantasy owners should invest. Should we believe in Sonny Gray this season?
2017 Rebound Candidate: Dallas Keuchel
February 25, 2017
Tim Heaney examines whether Dallas Keuchel can return to his recent elite level and whether fantasy owners should take the risk.
2017 Rebound Candidate: Gerrit Cole
February 21, 2017
Tim Heaney dives into the numbers, mechanics and injuries behind Gerrit Cole's disappointing 2016 season to determine if he's destined for a bounce-back season in 2017. What's the verdict?
2017 Rebound Candidate: Carlos Gomez
February 18, 2017
Tim Heaney looks at what went wrong with Carlos Gomez the last couple years and whether the changes he made last year with the Rangers portend a rebound this year.
2017 Rebound Candidate: Felix Hernandez
February 14, 2017
Tim Heaney analyzes whether Felix Hernandez can bounce back after a dreadful season last year. Does the crown still fit the King?
2017 Rebound Candidate: Jose Bautista
February 11, 2017
Tim Heaney analyzes whether we should expect a bounce-back season from Joey Bats this year as the 36-year-old looks to overcome the health problems he endured last season.
2017 Rebound Candidate: Giancarlo Stanton
February 6, 2017
Tim Heaney investigates the possibility of the oft-injured Giancarlo Stanton staying healthy and providing fantasy owners with league-winning power.
2017 Rebound Candidate: Bryce Harper
January 11, 2017
Bryce Harper had a fine season but fell short of high expectations. What caused his mammoth drop in batting average? Is he still a first-round pick? Tim Heaney doesn't think these are clown questions, bro.
2017 Rebound Candidate: Zack Greinke
December 16, 2016
Sure, Greinke was too good in 2015, but his 2016 was even worse than expected. Tim Heaney says fantasy baseball players should give Greinke another chance in 2017.
2017 Rebound Candidate: Andrew McCutchen
December 6, 2016
McCutchen’s 2016 fantasy baseball season was a near disaster. What happened? Is he toast? What can drafters expect in 2017? Tim Heaney dissects Cutch’s lost season and looks forward.